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Respect For All: Help if someone has discriminated against, harassed, bullied or intimidated you

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Reporting an Incident

As some members of our community return to sharing physical spaces in our building, we want to remind our community about in-person as well as online safety. If you need help because someone has discriminated against, harassed, bullied or intimidated you, or if you have concerns about such behavior, you can contact one of our Respect For All liaisons (listed below) or any faculty/staff member you feel comfortable speaking with.


LaGuardia Arts Respect For All Liaisons

Chris Gonzalez, Guidance Counselor 

Thomas Pappas, Guidance Counselor 

Marc Steffa, Dean 

Justus Vogel, Dean 


School Confidentiality and Commenting on Individual Situations

LaGuardia, as part of the New York City Department of Education, has very specific protocols for investigating and holding individuals accountable in any situation where a member of our community was subject to behavior that is contrary to our celebration of the cultural diversity of our city and individual identifies of each of our community members.


Due to rights and privacy laws, we are not permitted to discuss or share details of incidents and investigations. We are proud of our community members who have initiated and continued in various forums to share their own truths about their own experiences, to engage in listening to the perspectives offered by the experiences of others, and to protect all individuals in being able to express their own voice.


Investigation, Due Process, Responses

It is very important to reach out -- and to help a classmate reach out -- when someone feels uncomfortable, so we can ensure they receive the support they need. Please also reach out as soon as possible if you have specific information from witnessing an incident so we can take immediate action.  Below is an overview of what happens during an investigation.  As situations vary, different protocols and policies may come into play that has an effect on the investigation. The goal is for the DOE to have a thorough understanding of what occurred.


  • If the incident is criminal in nature, contact the police. If someone is in imminent danger, call 911.
  • Report the incident to your school's Respect for All (RFA) liaison(s), school administration, and/or any adult that you feel comfortable speaking to.
  • To protect the privacy of all involved, LaGuardia Arts cannot comment on any reported or unreported incident or investigation.  
  • The DOE determines whether the incident will be investigated by the DOE or the school.
  • Both the alleged victim(s) and alleged suspect(s) have the right to due process. As part of the investigation the alleged victim(s), the alleged suspect(s), and witnesses state what they experienced, saw, or heard. These are confidential and are not shared with the public.
  • During and after the investigation, the alleged victim(s) and/or alleged suspect(s) may be referred for support services. These are confidential and are not shared with the public.
  • The parent/guardian(s) of the alleged victim(s) and alleged suspect(s) are notified of the final determination of the investigation. This is confidential and not shared with the public.
  • If the investigation finds that a student has violated the standards of behavior in the Citywide Behavioral Expectations, a meeting will be held with the student’s family to discuss the range of possible additional supports, interventions, and disciplinary responses permissible by the DOE. These are confidential and are not shared with the public.

Mental Wellness: Information Before You're in Crisis or You're Being Proactive

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NYC Well

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused New Yorkers stress, burnout and anxiety. As you continue to protect your health and community, it is also important to protect your mental health and to be mindful of your alcohol and substance use.  During this ongoing period of uncertainty, we all can feel overwhelmed sometimes. 


NYC Well is available 24/7 to talk, text, or chat.  They are trained to support those who are coping with issues like stress, depresion, anxiety, or drug and alcohol use. NYC Well also has apps and online tools to help anyone manage health and emotional well-being.


Suicide Prevention

If you know someone who might be thinking about suicide, ask and listen. Do not be afraid to talk about suicide directly -- talking about suicide provides the opportunity for communication. If you or someone you know are thinking about suicide, reach out for support. If you or someone you know is at immediate risk of hurting themselves or in immediate danger, call 911.  Do not wait to speak to someone from the school -- call 911.


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