Audition Overview

Adjusted Audition Process Due to COVID-19 Safety Concerns


The audition process for Fall 2020 Auditions will be adjusted due to COVID-19 safety concerns.  We are committed to providing an equitable, safe process.  The adjusted process will have students submit their audition online.  Applicants will not come to LaGuardia Arts for their audition.  The audition will be a modified version of our regular process.  The process will be announced once finalized.

The DOE has not finalized all of the information. We received information that the dates published in the High School Directory and the Specialized High School Directory are no longer correct -- all deadlines are being pushed back to an unspecified, as yet, date. This is all due to making sure the entire high school application process is safe for all individuals.  Please remember that current guidance counselors or the Family Welcome Center will provide families with account creation codes for the application process software, The codes for this coming year are not being distributed, yet.  When we have update information, we will post it to the Admissions section of our website.


Applying to LaGuardia Arts

Acceptance to LaGuardia Arts is based on the NYS Calandra-Hecht Bill.

Only New York City residents who are in the 8th or 9th grade are eligible to audition.  There are no exceptions.  A child's current guidance counselor can assist with the application process.  Families may also apply via​​​​​​​.

LaGuardia Arts offers  Dance (Ballet and Modern Dance Programs), Drama, Instrumental Music, Fine Arts, Technical Theatre, and Vocal Music.  Students may audition for as many programs as they feel qualified for.

Applicants are required to pass competitive examinations.  All applicants must meet the academic threshold in order for their audition to be considered.  Then, candidates will be extended offers in the order of their audition score. For example, those who score 100% on the audition will receive offers first, followed by those who scored 99%.  This process is followed until all seats for a specific program are filled.

Applicants are required to present evidence of satisfactory achievement.  The previous year's core subject final grades must meet the DOE Academic Policy's definition of Satisfactory.  They must also not being chronically absent according to DOE policy. 

Families are asked on to double-check their records and ensure extenuating circumstances are noted.  


Audition Process

Auditions require preparation.  For a summary of our studio programs, audition preparation, and audition, please see our Audition Process page.

Audition Schedule

Dates are scheduled by the NYCDOE, as much as possible according to the borough in which your school is located, not where you live, and by the first letter of the student’s last name. All Audition ending times are approximate and vary according to the Studio.

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