Audition Overview

Applying to LaGuardia Arts

Acceptance to LaGuardia Arts is based on the Calandra-Hecht Bill, where:

Applicants shall be required to pass competitive examinations in music and/or the arts.  Candidates will be considered for admission in the order of their performance on the audition. (For example, those who score 100% on the audition will be admitted first, provided they meet academic requirements, followed by those who score 99% and meet academic requirements, and so on down the list, until all seats are filled). All auditions are scored by multiple evaluators, with structures in place to maximize student success, resolve misaligned scores, recuse evaluators who may have conflict of interest, etc.

Applicants shall be required to present evidence of satisfactory achievement. Candidates will be considered only if their 7th grade core subject final grades meet the DOE Academic Policy's definition of Satisfactory - 75 or higher - and meet the DOE's definition of not being chronically absent - 90% attendance or higher. (Those who have a core subject final grade under 75 or are absent more than 10%, will not be admitted).

Families are asked on to double-check their 7th Grade Records and ensure extenuating circumstances are noted.  For applicants auditioning in the 9th grade for admittance in the 10th grade, only student data from the 8th grade is used.

Students who are New York City residents in the 8th or 9th grade are eligible to audition. In September of the 8th or 9th grade, your child should inform his/her guidance counselor of his/her decision so that an admission ticket can be issued for the appropriate audition(s).  Families may also apply via the online platform​​​​​​​.

An Open House is held for accepted students each March, prior to the Specialized High School acceptance deadline. Many of our performances are open to the public, and people get a feel of the school by visiting our performance spaces.

Students may audition for the following studios:  Dance, Drama, Instrumental Music, Fine arts, Technical Theatre, and/or Vocal Music.

Students come from all five boroughs and reflect the diverse racial and cultural composition of New York City. Our Application and Audition Process is organized into three sections:



Audition Process

Auditions require preparation. In the APPLY section, please review specific studio Requirements and FAQs.  For a summary of our studio programs, audition preparation, and audition, click here to view the audition overview.

Audition Schedule

Dates are scheduled by the NYCDOE, as much as possible according to the borough in which your school is located, not where you live, and by the first letter of the student’s last name. All Audition ending times are approximate and vary according to the Studio.

Application/Audition Process FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the Audition Process Frequently Asked Questions section.

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