COVID-19 and Remote Learning Information

Due to Covid-19 circumstances, most of a student’s course loads are divided between two semesters. During one semester, a course covers the equivalent of curriculum from a full fall term and a full spring term for a total of one year of instruction. 

A student receives 2.0 credits per course (equivalent to 1 year of instruction.)


By offering our courses on a semester basis, we are supporting deeper and more focused learning. We offer more personalized support, without sacrificing time allotted to the course. AP courses have the equivalent of twice the amount of time to engage in the content and skills compared to years past. 


When college admission representatives review a student’s transcript, they review it holistically and with attention to student progress from year to year. Colleges review the courses a student takes in the fall as well as the spring semester of their senior year. 


Alyssa Collins, Assistant Principal

The goal of the Science Department is to insure that our graduates are scientifically literate and prepared to face the important societal decisions that will await them. Critical thinking and writing are stressed across the curriculum, and technology is used to enhance the learning process. We offer our students a solid foundation in the Sciences and hope to create in them a desire to delve further into these subjects. Each of our students has the opportunity to study Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry and Physics.  Introductory courses are complemented by Astronomy, Organic Chemistry, Advanced Placement Biology, Advanced Placement Chemistry, Advanced Placement Environmental Science, Advanced Placement Physics and Advanced 


We encourage and support a wide array of extra-curricular Science activities. Our students participate in the NYC Metropolitan and New York State Science Olympiad, Brain Bee Competition, Columbia Science Honors Program and AMNH Research Program.

2021 - 2022 Course Offerings



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