Julissa Marrero, Assistant Principal


The English Department is committed to developing our students' ability to think critically and express themselves effectively. At LaGuardia, the English classroom is a place for debate, analysis, and the various interpretations of text, all of which change based on the lens with which the text is being examined.  It is in English class that we grapple with ideas, challenge our worldview, and consider opposing viewpoints.  The critical and aesthetic examination and analysis of classic and contemporary literature serve as a context for students’ development as critical thinkers and writers, with a distinct creative voice.  All students must complete four years of English.  The English Language Arts (ELA) Regents examination is taken at the conclusion of the sophomore year (i.e English 4).

There is no set number of texts that must be read in a course.  The number of books read in any given class is determined by a variety of factors.  Teachers have the discretion to determine which texts will be used in class to explore the themes of the course, while working toward achieving mastery in the NY State Standards for ELA.  The goal is to ensure students are exposed to a healthy mix of canonical works while also incorporating new and diverse titles that are representative of our community and its varied experiences. Students will read across genres, including novels, short stories, poetry, dramas, and non-fiction.

Each course will require students to engage in a range of performance tasks as aligned to the NY State Standards for ELA.  These include but are not limited to writing argumentative, persuasive, and narrative essays; speaking publicly and delivering presentations; and engaging in Socratic seminars and classroom debates.