Studio: Dance (Ballet and Modern Dance Program)

Dance Studio

Michelle Mathesius
Chairperson/Dance Department
voicemail: (212) 496-0700 Ext. 2837
FAX: (212) 724-5748
Greg Sinacori
Assistant Principal, Dance (IA)
voicemail: (212) 496-0700 Ext. 2837

The Dance Department utilizes a rigorous conservatory approach. In keeping with this approach, professional musicians accompany all classes.

All full-time instructors have danced professionally with major companies including: American Ballet Theater, Joffrey Ballet, New York City Ballet, New York City Opera, Royal Ballet, Dance Theater of Harlem, Boston Ballet, Alvin Ailey American Ballet Theater, Martha Graham Dance Company, Erick Hawkins, Merce Cunningham, Lar Lubovitch, and Twyla Tharp.


Dance Department Chairperson
Michelle Mathesius
Dance Instructors
Mary Brienza
Tadej Brdnik
Catherine Brikké
Kristen Foote
Lloyd Knight
Kelley Prouty
Greg Sinacori
Joey R. Smith
Anne Souder
Sean Stewart
Dance Musicians
Bradley Harris
Robert Marbach
Lyudmila Melerud
Andy Monroe
Sam Ospovat
John Prestianni
Steve Weinstock

Commencement Dance Examination

Section I: Performance On-Demand (January) 

Section II: Senior Exit Project (administered at the school during the spring semester) 

Section III: Written Examination (June) Students must take all parts of all three sections to complete the examination. This examination aligns with the Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Dance.

For more information, please contact your Dance teacher.

Curriculum Overview

The Dance program follows a rigorous conservatory approach with an 80 minute ballet class and an 80 minute modern class each day. All studio classes are accompanied by live music. Supplementary courses include: 
  • Survival Skills for Freshmen 
  • Dance History for Sophomores 
  • Choreography and Theater Dance for Juniors 
  • Career Management for Seniors 
  • Repertory for Seniors 
All courses are required for dance majors. There are no electives in the dance department.
All instructors have danced professionally with major companies including: 
  • American Ballet Theatre
  • New York City Ballet 
  • Royal Ballet 
  • Boston Ballet 
  • Martha Graham Dance Company 
  • Lar Lubovitch Dance Company
  • Joffrey Ballet 
  • New York City Opera 
  • Dance Theatre of Harlem 
  • Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre 
  • Erick Hawkins Dance Company
  • Twyla Tharp 
  • Houston Ballet

Course Offerings