Guidance Department

Welcome to the LaGuardia Arts Guidance Department.

ShelliAnn Williams, Assistant Principal, Guidance
Students are assigned to a Guidance Counselor based on the student's grade level and studio. We do this so families can receive support that is specific to their needs.
If you have a new Guidance Counselor, they will collaborate with your former Guidance Counselor to support your success. 
Below please find a table of Guidance Counselors broken down by studio and grade.  
During this period of Remote Learning, in person meetings are not possible.  Please email your Guidance Counselor to set up a virtual meting.

College Information

  • Landmark College Open House, December 9

    Landmark College is holding its final Virtual Open House of 2020 on Wednesday, December 9 from 1—5 p.m. ET.

    The event will feature a special presentation focused on options for Post-Grad/gap year and transfer students, including: 

    • Bridge Experience for students attending other colleges or universities
    • Transition-at-College (TaC) program for Post-graduate and gap year students
    • Steps to transfer to Landmark College from current institution


    Register Now


    Plus, if you send in an application before or during the Open House, your student will be eligible to win prizes such as an iPad, Shark USB drives, gift baskets, Landmark clothing, and more.

  • School Profile 2020-2021

    The school profile is the document that is sent with every college application.  It provides colleges a standardized set of information allowing them to compare, evaluate, and understand the various types of schools from which students are applying.

    Read LaGuardia's School Profile

  • Let's Talk College Weekly Newsletter

    Find the link to the latest issue -- as well as back issues -- of our Let's Talk College Weekly Newsletter.

    While much of the information is currently geared toward Seniors who are applying to college, there is information that everyone may find helpful.

    Families who have successfully navigated the college process consistently offer this piece of advice.  Start early!  This does not mean you have to be looking into colleges and doing research all of the time.  Starting early can include reading the information that is put out to Juniors and Seniors, such as the Let's Talk College Weekly Newsletter.  This way, you are already familiar with the process, deadlines, and information when it is you turn to go through the application process.

  • Virtual Arts and Humanities Open House (November 14, 2020)

    Princeton University
    Invites you to a

    Virtual Arts and Humanities Open House

    Nov. 14, 2020
    Noon- 2:30 p.m. ET

    Through presentations, workshops, lectures and panels, you will have the opportunity to learn from faculty members, students and staff from Princeton University about what it's like to study in the arts and humanities in a college setting.  

    This event will go beyond just an introduction to the humanities and arts and instead engage you in discussions and subjects that you might encounter should you choose to pursue one of these fields. Featured courses include “Homer’s Iliad: Song and Text,” “Recovering Lost Voices – Bringing Diversity to the Concert Hall,” “Humanistic Studies Seniors on Writing an Interdisciplinary Thesis” and "Crossing Cultures in Music Composition."

    The program will consist of two programming blocks, along with an opening address and a closing session. Each programming block will last 45-minutes, and you will select your programs at the time of registration. Jill Dolan, dean of the college, and Karen Richardson '93, dean of admission, will provide the opening address. Our closing speaker is Kelvin Dinkins Jr. '09, who will reflect on his time producing Broadway shows and serving as a board member for various performing groups.
    Please register for the Virtual Arts and Humanities Open HouseYou can also find this opportunity and others on the Virtual Visit page of our website. 
    We hope that you will join us for this afternoon of immersion in the arts and humanities at Princeton University!

  • Cornell University Admissions & HEOP/EOP Programs  (November 6, 2020)

     Cornell University's Undergraduate Admissions Office & NYS Opportunity Programs Office present  

    Strategies for Your Success: A College Application and HEOP Workshop
    Hosted by NYC 4-H Youth Development Program 

    Nov 6, 2020 04:00 PM Eastern  

    In order for students to sign up, they have to fill out the following Google Form (so that my club and I can get an understanding of how many people will possibly be attending from LaGuardia and to promote LaGuardia's 4-H club). After filling out the Google Form, they will be taken to another link where they will formally register for the event and get the Zoom link. Google Form:
  • Do I use Naviance to apply to college?

    Naviance is the platform LaGuardia uses to send school documents, which are a part of a student's application . Students submit their applications through: Common App, SUNY Application, CUNY Portal, or Directly through the institution’s application portal. 

    I. The Common Application or “Common App” - 900+ Colleges accept the Common App

    II. SUNY Application- Each institution charges a fee to apply. The application fee varies 

    by institution. SUNY allows for up to four application fee waivers based on SUNY’s financial need criteria. Use the Common App to apply to SUNY schools if more than four fee waivers are needed. Guidance Counselor verifies eligibility (LUNCH/Income verification form) for the CA fee waivers. 

    III. CUNY Portal - Apply to CUNY Colleges via the CUNY Portal. The College will 

    receive your transcript electronically and you can apply to 6 schools for one fee of $65 or free if you qualify for a fee waiver. 

    IV. College Specific Application Portals - Some colleges only accept applications via their 

    own application portal. 

    All Institutions, regardless of how you apply, must be listed in Naviance. Naviance tells us how, where and when to submit school documents on your behalf. If the College is not listed in Naviance under “Colleges I am Applying to” your counselor will not know to send your supporting documentation. 

  • Let's Talk College Newsletter (October 26, 2020)

    Let's Talk College Newsletter (October 26, 2020

    Register for Upcoming College Visits

    Watch Helpful Tutorials on Financial Aid and Naviance

    See Scholarship Opportunities

    Discover what is TAP (Tuition Assistance Program) that appears when you complete the FAFSA

    .... and more!

  • Dartmouth Virtual Visit on Monday, October 26, 2020; 4:30 PM

    Who:  Dartmouth

    When:  Monday, October 26, 2020

    Time:  4:30 PM

    Pre-Registration Not Required


    Rafael X. Escobedo | Assistant Director of Admissions 

  • Let's Talk College: A message and Newsletter from our Counseling Support Team (October 19, 2020)

    The Counseling Support Team would like to invite you to visit our website for access to the Guidance Support page.  There you will find the Digital College Handbook which we update periodically.

    At LaGuardia we believe that students are most successful in pursuing their post-high school opportunities when they have adults who empower them to take ownership of their future. The Counseling Support Team communicates directly with students primarily through PupilPath.  In addition, families may access information regarding the college application process on our website, through their Guidance Counselor’s Google Classroom, as well as on Naviance.  Naviance is an excellent search tool for students. 

    We encourage students to develop the practice of demonstrating interest directly by emailing and/or calling colleges and universities: it is important that students contact admissions offices, financial aid offices, and the program of study department offices now, so they become familiar with the process by the time they enroll in the school. 

    The college application process is student-centered and we encourage students to take initiative as much as possible.  We encourage our students to be consumers about their affairs. As you can see from our own start to the year, many things have and are changing and it is best to learn about updates directly from the institutions’ websites or making outreach.


    How can parents/guardians help?

    The most important way that parents/guardians can support their student is to show their student that they respect the student’s choice, interest, and concerns in the process.

    • Ask your child to share with you the information and resources they have been reviewing on websites, through Google Classroom, as part of their outreach.

    • Ask your child how they are feeling. Let them know it is ok to have conflicting emotions - the process is exciting, scary, interesting, and tedious at the same time.

    • Remind them that it’s ok to change their mind. Remind them that everyone is different and wherever they are, their supports are ready to help them.

    • Encourage and allow your student to initiate outreach to their counselor and institutions. Refrain from reaching out on your child’s behalf.

    Based on family feedback, we scheduled virtual College Visits this year from 4pm-7pm so students do not have to miss classes to attend. 

    • Please encourage your child to register for these virtual sessions, hosted by the college’s representative, both to learn more information about the college, and to express their interest in the college. If your child is unable to attend, they should reach out directly to the college representative, which is a simple step that demonstrates initiative and interest.

    Log into Naviance.

    • Parents/guardians can help by completing the Parent Rave in Naviance to help us build a more comprehensive understanding of their student from the home perspective.

    • Refer your child to the video tutorials on Naviance when they have questions about how to use Naviance.

    • Research colleges using the database on Naviance, which includes customized features based on your child’s records.

    Join us and “Let’s Talk College”

    • The Counseling Support Team will now put out a weekly “Let’s Talk College” newsletter highlighting valuable information for the community. (PDF attached)

    • We are also reopening the live “Let’s Talk College” video conference sessions (open to all students, parents/guardians, faculty/staff) on Wednesdays at 7pm, starting this coming Wednesday. (Flyer Attached)

    We are here to support you through the entire college application process. Please reach out and rest assured that you will receive answers to the questions you have either from your guidance counselor or directly from the institution.  We want you to feel good about this process.  Tap into resources provided.  Prioritize your time and your applications and pace yourself.


    Best of luck,

    Ms. Williams and the Counseling Support Team

    Let' Talk College Newsletter 10.19.2020

  • Who is Responsible for What?

    Student Responsibilities 

    Personal Essay/Statement 

    Create a separate and professional email address to manage all college correspondence & application accounts. This should be the same non-LaGuardia email that you are currently using on Naviance. Ex.: 

    Add SAT/ACT score to Naviance and send SAT/ACT scores to your institutions if required for admission review.

    Ask Teachers for Letter of Recommendations Ask a minimum of 2 academic Teachers (and one studio Teacher if applying to a program that relates to the teacher’s expertise) 

    Request Teacher Recommendations on Naviance:

    ·       Create a Balanced College List & Add them to Naviance:

    ·       Create a Common App account 

    ·       Request Fee Waivers through Common Application 

    Waive FERPA 

    Match Common App to Naviance:

    You are required to pick a deadline for the school you are applying to when you add the school to “Colleges I am applying to” on Naviance. You will be asked to choose from EA, ED, RD, etc... Add accurate submission deadlines.  Update deadlines as needed

    Keep teachers informed of deadlines for recommendation submission to help them prioritize their time and ensure that their recommendations are submitted on time.

    Delete applications as needed (If you change your mind about applying to a school, please remove it from your list):

    Verify and prepare necessary supplementals: portfolio pieces, auditions, pre-screens, additional essays as required for admission to individual institutions.




    1. Counselor Recommendation 

    This is created by incorporating information provided by the student in their individual college meeting, the student’s transcript, the Parent/Guardian Rave & the student’s All About Me survey completed on Naviance

    2. Teacher Recommendations 

          3. Verifying Fee Waiver Eligibility

    4. Help students identify and categorize their lists as Reach, Target or Safety

    5. Answer questions and provide general information regarding the college application process, to students and families.

    6. Guide and support students in establishing “Points of Contact” with the colleges they are interested in applying to.

    7. Submitting School-Based Documents

    ·       Transcripts,

    ·        Recommendations, 

    ·       School Profile, 

    ·       Senior course load, 

    ·       Mid- Year Reports, etc…

    Parent/Guardian Responsibilities 

    1.     Complete Parent Rave on Naviance

    Log in to your parent account.

    Click on ‘About Me’ in the upper right.

    Scroll down to ‘My Surveys’

    Click on ‘Surveys Not Started’

    Save every twenty minutes or so to ensure that you do not lose your work

    2. Help your child identify and categorize Reach, Target or Safety schools on their lists.


    3. Support your child in establishing “Points of Contact” with the colleges they are interested in applying to.  Do not do this for them. (Read linked article)

          4. Completing Family  Income Verification Form (ASAP) 

    5. Filing taxes and preparing financial information from 2019 

    6. Acquire a budget letter (if you do not file taxes & you receive Public Assistance) 

    7. FAFSA-Opens October 1st. Each year, complete as soon as possible. Needed for determining eligibility for Federal Grants, Loans & some school-based Scholarships. 

          a. Create a parent FSA ID (if you do not have an existing one) 

          b. Complete FAFSA application 


    8. TAP- Opens October 1st. Needed for NYS schools only (Public & Private) 

    Easiest to complete directly after completing the FAFSA 


          9. CSS Profile-Select colleges require this for determining financial aid.



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Class of 2021

Studio Last Name Begins Counselor Email
Dance A - Z Gonzalez
Drama A - Z Jusino 
Fine Art A - Bn Wang
Fine Art Bo - C D'Annunzio
Fine Art D - Lin, E Pappas
Fine Art Lin, P - Ng Wang
Fine Art Ngai - T D'Annunzio
Fine Art U - Z Wang
Instrumental Music A - D Blum
Instrumental Music E - Lao Estevez
Instrumental Music Lap - Ret Persaud
Instrumental Music Reu - Z Ebanks
Technical Theater A - Z Leston
Vocal Music A - D Blum
Vocal Music E - Lao Estevez
Vocal Music Lap - Ret Persaud
Vocal Music Reu - Z Ebanks

Class of 2022

Studio Last Name Begins Counselor Email
Dance A - Z Gonzalez
Drama A - Z Jusino  
Fine Art A - G Wang
Fine Art H - N Pappas
Fine Art O - Z D'Annunzio
Instrumental Music A - D Blum
Instrumental Music E - Lao Estevez
Instrumental Music Lap - Ret Persaud
Instrumental Music Reu - Z Ebanks
Technical Theater A - Z Leston
Vocal Music A - D Blum
Vocal Music E - Lao Estevez
Vocal Music Lap - Ret Persaud
Vocal Music Reu - Z Ebanks

Class of 2023

Studio Last Name Begins Counselor Email
Dance A - Z Gonzalez
Drama A - Ma Leston
Drama Mc - Z Jusino
Fine Art A - Gab Pappas
Fine Art Gac - M D'Annunzio
Fine Art N - Z Wang
Instrumental Music A - D Blum
Instrumental Music E - Lao Estevez
Instrumental Music Lap - Ret Persaud
Instrumental Music Reu - Z Ebanks
Technical Theater A - Z Leston
Vocal Music A - D Blum
Vocal Music E - Lao Estevez
Vocal Music Lap - Ret Persaud
Vocal Music Reu - Z Ebanks

Class of 2024

Studio Last Name Begins Counselor Email
Dance A - Z Gonzalez
Drama A - Z Jusino
Fine Art A - H D'Annunzio
Fine Art I - P Pappas
Fine Art Q - Z Wang
Instrumental Music A - D Blum
Instrumental Music E - Lao Estevez
Instrumental Music Lap - Reu Persaud
Instrumental Music Ret - Z Ebanks
Technical Theater A - Z Leston
Vocal Music A - D Blum
Vocal Music E - Lau Estevez
Vocal Music Lap - Ret Persaud
Vocal Music Reu - Z  Ebanks

Social Worker

LaKeisha Fable, LCSW, School Based Support Team Social Worker 

Ms. Fable is an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is a part of the School Based Support Team (SBST). The SBST supports the achievement of students who are struggling academically or behaviorally. The outcome of an SBST meeting is the development of an Individualized Education Plan for Special Education Students. 


Ms. Fable is driven by providing support, resources and skills to students and families in need. Ms. Fable takes pride in providing the best services and support that caters to an individual or group’s needs. Her goals include assisting students and families overcome whatever obstacle(s) or challenge(s) that may arise. In addition to her primary job functions which include participating in the SBST, Ms. Fable also provides short term group and individual counseling. 


Substance Abuse Prevention Intervention Specialist (SAPIS)

Evelyn Carella

The Substance Abuse Prevention Intervention Specialist (SAPIS) supports students through a variety of issues.  The SAPIS provides social-emotional learning workshops and substance prevention education.  An empowerment & leadership program helps students growth and maturity.  Ms. Carella also provides short term, one-to-one services.   Ms. Carella partners with the Department of Health, the Mayor's Office to combat Dating Violence.  Our SAPIS works closely with   the Guidance and Support team. Teachers, staff, students, or family members can submit referrals. Please contact Ms. Carella if you need suppport or resources.