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Welcome to the LaGuardia Arts Guidance Department.

Dr. Mark Stricklin-Witherspoon, Assistant Principal, Engagement & Culture and Guidance
Students are assigned to a Guidance Counselor based on the student's grade level and studio. We do this so families can receive support that is specific to their needs.
If you have a new Guidance Counselor, they will collaborate with your former Guidance Counselor to support your success. 
At this time, most family meetings are being held virtually.  Please email your Guidance Counselor to set up a virtual meting.

College Information

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Guidance Counselor Information

Our Guidance Counselors are on summer break and will return in September.

For programming information, please follow the instructions that have been emailed to you and is available on our home page.

Student Schedules will be accurate on September 7 in NYCSA.  Please do not check your schedule before this date .  You will have inaccurate information because the Master Schedule is still being finalized.  

Guidance Counselors provide advice on student programs and post-secondary plans.  They do not perform schedule changes. Please follow the information that is sent to you regarding any changes of schedule.

For Transcript Requests, please complete the Google Form found in the LINKS section on the home page.  Please know that our school building is closed from August 15 - August 26.  Transcript Requests cannot be processed during this time.

Post-Secondary Planning

Allison Kleiman

Allison Kleiman (she/her) has been working in the NYCDOE since 2008. Prior to that, her past experience includes working in Undergraduate Admissions at Fordham University. She is a NACAC, CACNY, and NYSACAC member and was an elected high school delegate to NYSACAC.  Born and raised in Indianapolis, Ms. Kleiman holds a B.A. from Tufts University, where she majored in Child Development and minored in Art History. She went on to earn an Ed. M. in Psychological Counseling from Teachers College, Columbia University.  

Rooted in serving students from a strengths based perspective, Ms. Kleiman's role as Post-Secondary Specialist is designed to help her support all LaGuardia students as they plan for their future after high school. Her role is to help students understand their full range of options and discover the next chapter that fits them best.

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Social Worker

Ebony Campbell, DSW, LMSW

Dr. E. Campbell is a Licensed Master Social Worker who has a passion for working with young people, which is why has spent her entire 15 year career in schools. Dr. Campbell works from the strengths perspective when working with students. She firmly believes that helping young people focus on their internal strengths and positive coping strategies will help them build a positive mindset. The strengths perspective helps young people build on their best qualities, find their inherit strengths, and improves their resilience.

Dr. Campbell provides brief individual and group counseling, along with crisis intervention. She also specializes in workshops around racism, sexism, women's empowerment, relationship abuse and prevention, life skills and many more. Dr. Campbell believes in empowering students to stand in their truth and meeting them where they are.

Social Worker

Lauren Lydiard, LCSW


Ms. Lauren Lydiard is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is honored to be a mental health provider for the LaGuardia student population. Ms. Lauren graduated valedictorian from Silberman School of Social Work, and she was awarded the 2019 Advocate for NYC Award from the Mayor's Office. Ms. Lauren specializes in providing support around grief, anxiety & depression, unhealthy/abusive relationships, sexuality, and transgender/non-binary topics. Ms. Lauren works closely with the exceptional LaGuardia Guidance team to provide school-based support to students. She believes in cultivating youth resilience by teaching adaptable coping strategies and centering student voices.

Social Worker

LaKeisha Fable, LCSW, School Based Support Team Social Worker 


Ms. Fable is an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is a part of the School Based Support Team (SBST). The SBST supports the achievement of students who are struggling academically or behaviorally. The outcome of an SBST meeting is the development of an Individualized Education Plan for Special Education Students. 


Ms. Fable is driven by providing support, resources and skills to students and families in need. Ms. Fable takes pride in providing the best services and support that caters to an individual or group’s needs. Her goals include assisting students and families overcome whatever obstacle(s) or challenge(s) that may arise. In addition to her primary job functions which include participating in the SBST, Ms. Fable also provides short term group and individual counseling. 


Substance Abuse Prevention Intervention Specialist (SAPIS)

Information on how to contact our SAPIS will be available at the beginning of the school year.


The Substance Abuse Prevention Intervention Specialist (SAPIS) supports students through a variety of issues.  The SAPIS provides social-emotional learning workshops and substance prevention education.  An empowerment & leadership program helps students growth and maturity.  Our SAPIS also provides short term, one-to-one services.   Our SAPIS partners with the Department of Health, the Mayor's Office to combat Dating Violence.  Our SAPIS works closely with  the Guidance and Support team. Teachers, staff, students, or family members can submit referrals. Please contact our SAPIS if you need suppport or resources.