Handbook: Safety and Respect

Prohibited Items

The Discipline Code lists many items that are prohibited in schools. These include any sharp instrument such as a blade, box cutter, utility knife, etc. regardless of its purpose. It also includes any sharp-pointed instrument which can be used or is intended for use as a weapon.  Examples include scissors, nail files, broken glass, and chains.  Students are also not permitted to carry cigarettes of any kind, lighters or matches in school.


We occasionally allow students to work with special implements in their arts classes. These implements will be supplied for your use in class only. There is no need to carry these items around with you outside of the classroom. Prohibited items include any type of permanent marker or sharpies.  This includes tools such as pocket knives. Students found with such items face disciplinary action and any such items will be confiscated.


Items prohibited by the Department of Education or interfere with instruction or the safe and orderly operation of the school will be confiscated.  Items not picked up within a reasonable amount of time will be disposed of.  Certain confiscated items may be returned only to a parent. Such items are stored with the Deans or AP Security.


Examples of prohibited items include:


Bandanas, hats, beanies, wave caps, etc., except for religious or medical conditions,

Skateboards, scooters, Heelys unless stored properly 

Clubs, sticks (any items that can be construed as a weapon) 

Pepper spray and laser pointers. 

Needles, piercing kits. 

Any item that could result in endangering others or creating a disturbance on campus.  This items include fireworks, raw eggs, water balloons, water guns, noise-making devices. 

Pornographic material 

Matches/lighters/tobacco/cigarettes including electronic versions. 

Gang paraphernalia (colors/bandanas/belts/buckles/lanyards). 

Chains, studs, spikes. 

Drug paraphernalia (grinders, pipes, rolling papers, etc.). 

Gambling paraphernalia including dice, cards, etc. 

Intoxicants - any drug, prescription or otherwise or alcohol. 

Pictures, clothing or jewelry promoting drugs, tobacco, sex, alcohol, gangs or any inappropriate behavior.

The DOE discipline code prohibits students from engaging in any form of gambling. The school prohibits students from rolling die in any location in the building, for gambling or recreational purposes. Any such die will be confiscated and returned only to a parent or guardian. 

 Staff member from Building Response Team Wearing Orange Vest  

Building Evacuation & Fire Drill Safety

In the event of a fire, smoke, or fire drill, the fire alarm signal will sound, indicating the evacuation of the building.  In the event of an evacuation, follow the evacuation route designated by the sign in each room.


All school rules apply during the entire drill and in the event of an emergency.  Please remember no hats, electronics, cellular phones, or eating are allowed.  Items will be confiscated by the teacher or other staff at any point during the drill.


In a quiet and orderly manner, students will make two lines outside the classroom door.


The teacher is to be at the front of the line leading the students down the stairway quickly, but quietly, outside the building to the designated safety zone.


Students must remain with their teacher.

Attendance will be taken by the teacher.

Students are to maintain order, silence, and stay alert to any announcements, instructions, or information given.

Upon hearing ‘all clear’ signal, teachers will lead their students as they re-enter the building and return to the classroom.

The key to a successful fire drill:  




All students must respond silently and immediately to directions during emergency drills or actual emergencies of any kind. Any student who does not cooperate is endangering the safety of students and staff.


If the building is evacuated, you will be directed to a central meeting area where you will assemble according to your OP class.  This will help us locate you in a timely and efficient manner.


Fire alarm boxes are designed for easy access for the safety and well being of all building occupants. False alarms endanger the lives of students and staff. Any student who pulls a fire alarm falsely is in violation of state and city law, and will be suspended from school and subject to arrest and prosecution.