Testing -- Large Group Administration

Large Group Testing Information

Please remember your Exam Invitation

First, Report to Your Locker

Large Group Testing may be done several times a year.  Examples of this are testing for Regents Exams, Advanced Placement, or PSAT/SAT.  Students should allow time to leave items in their lockers before reporting to the Test Location. You may not visit your locker again until the completion of the exam.

Items Not Allowed

Lock these and other non-testing related items in your hallway locker before being entering the testing location:

  • Electronics, including smart-watches and Apple Watches
  • Cell Phones
  • Book bags or handheld bags
  • Outerwear
  • Books, Study Guides, notes, etc.


Any electronics including cell phones, whether on or off, are strictly prohibited. Having such an item in your possession during a Regents Exam, including during any breaks, or while in the bathroom, whether on or off, will result in disciplinary action. As such, you are strongly advised not to bring such items to school on these days.

Second, Report to Your Test Location

Items Allowed

Only the following items will be allowed to be brought into the Testing Location by students:

  • Large Items
  • Calculator, as applicable
  • A plastic (no glass) bottle of water
  • A wristwatch (no smartwatches or Apple Watches)
  • Smaller items in a clear Ziploc- type plastic bag
  • ID Card
  • Compass
  • Eraser
  • Pen (blue or black only)
  • Pencil Ruler
  • Tissues

No other items are allowed in the testing room.