Technical Theatre

Technical Theatre Audition

Applicants construct a 3-D model illustrating their original design of a stage setting for one of the following plays:  Dracula, a Play by Steven Dietz (1996); A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry; or The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Models are to be the size of a shoe box or larger and be able to be carried by the applicant.

Applicants will bring their model and discuss their design choices.

Applicants will be asked to replicate multiple-step processes in sound and lighting assembly.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions — Technical Theatre

Q: Is it necessary to have previous backstage experience?

A: Previous experience is not required; however, you may have experiences that are similar to backstage work. Some students have experiences through their school or community groups, such as helping teachers with video, sound, or computer equipment; others have experiences at home or at camp with woodworking tools or electrical equipment. With or without experience, we want students who are interested in working behind the scenes in theatre, television, film, or special events.

Q: Is there any way to prepare for the hands on practical?

A: The practical will involve setting up lighting equipment, sound equipment, and having a working knowledge of simple tools. You can prepare by having someone give you directions that have 4 – 5 steps, for example, setting up stereo or computer equipment.