SLT Minutes 9/23/19

FACULTY/STAFF MEMBERS: Erik Branman, Antonette Laricchia, Joseph Meyers, Melanie Pflaum, Gregory Sinacori, Yeou-Jey Vasconcelos, Paula Washington, Mark Stricklin-Witherspoon (non-voting member: COSA) PARENT/GUARDIAN MEMBERS:Joe Clancy, Donna D’Alessio Davis, Lori Diamond, Michael Donovan, Margaret Kearns-Stanley, Elisabeth Rucell, Melissa Scott

STUDENT MEMBERS: Riley Barker, Jonathan Green
T = Faculty Staff P = Parent S = Students YJV = Principal Vasconcelos

YJV notes that we are all present and on time! We all quickly introduce ourselves. Eric Branman and Elisabeth Rucell look over the scheduled meeting days.

We discuss the number of members in the SLT. Meg Kearns-Stanley finds the magic number (17 people) in seconds.

  • ●  Joe Clancy nominates Yeoh-Jey Vasconcelos as chairperson.

  • ●  Elisabeth Rucell nominates Joe Clancy as co-chair (he knows Robert’s Rules).

  • ●  Meg Kearns-Stanley is elected as secretary and then as facilitator (she knows the Chancellor’s


  • ●  I, Melanie Pflaum, point out that a teacher should be in some role. I get rewarded for this suggestion

    by getting the role of secretary at which point I start taking notes. (Way too long a discussion about how

    to pronounce my name)

  • ●  Antoinette Laricchia gets elected time-keeper.

  • ●  Elisabeth Rucell is elected financial liaison. (We all get $300 at the end of the year - absences)

  • ●  Melissa Scott is elected hospitality chair. (This is for one year)

    All people are elected by acclamation.
    We discuss the process of applying for membership for Community Based Organizations (CBO’s)

SLT dates Fall 2019 SLT Dates Spring 2020

P points out that the Chancellor’s Regulations clearly state that there is a 2 year term on SLT (except for the students)
The by-laws clearly state two years. All SLT’s are 2 years. That should have been understood. This was a 8- 12 minute discussion. The SLT works under the Chancellor's Regs that were ignored by the previous administration. The election security was discussed. We agreed that transparency and communication is important. We agree that chancellors regs should followed.

Chancellor’s Regs:
● Art. 3 Section 2: The Chairperson will send meeting reminders one week prior to all meetings by school mailbox and backpack, postal mail, email, or telephone.

Email and Website seems sufficient

● Section 3 Meeting Attendance School Leadership Team members are expected to attend all meetings. If team members are unable to attend the meeting, they must contact the Chairperson in advance of the meeting.

7 minute discussion of dates: Generally 2nd Tuesday. Elisabeth and Erik look at the calendar.

● Section 4 Quorum [Insert quorum number or a majority clause such as, “A majority of SLT members including representation from each constituent group”] shall constitute a quorum. Each constituent group shall be responsible for ensuring that their group is adequately represented at each meeting.

We agree 9 members: at least 1⁄2 of each constituency: Parents, Teachers, and Students. Skype or digital allowed only in dire emergency with not counted towards quorum. We agree that this is a lot of responsibility for each constituency.

● Article 5: Section 1 [Consensus-based decision-making must be the primary means of making School Leadership Team decisions. Consensus should be defined as reaching an agreement acceptable to all members. The team should develop methods for engaging in collaborative problem-solving and solution seeking and, when necessary, effective conflict resolution strategies. The agreed upon procedures should be summarized here.]

Consensus should be defined as engaging in conflict resolution Accept that voting is one strategy

Consensus "I think should we wait until we all agree . everyone voices their point of view and then we reach consensus through compromise and reach an acceptable decision. We should make sure everyone expresses their opinion."

Protocol to ensure all voices are heard: for example, everyone has a turn and an allotted time. Then we will try for a unanimous vote/acclamation.

Some C-30’s in the past were contentious, but we were able to reach consensus.

[I (Melanie) realize I am making the consensus conversation longer by saying it takes longer - irony!].

Our Summary: Clear, respectful conversation in which each person gets time to speak, if they like, and consensus is our goal. If consensus is not possible, we will table the conversation until later or vote if necessary. Protocol: Everyone speaks, non-binding simple majority vote, minority accepts or objects, re-vote.


(c) Candidates for admission to the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and the Arts and other schools which may be established with similar programs in the arts, shall be required to pass competitive examinations in music and/or the arts in addition to presenting evidence of satisfactory achievement.

How to make admissions fair?
Satisfactory means cumulative grade average above satisfactory > 73 Admission to school will be a priori on artistic merit and then grades considered

What if one grade is 55?
We only consider the 4 major classes in 7th grade

Arts are the most important criteria

What’s the role of the essay?

Why do we have so many hospitalizations?

How can we be more inclusive and diverse?

What are our cut-offs?

Are there more qualified students than we can take in?

PPA Criteria:
50% Audition 20% Core grades 20% Attendance 10% State test scores

Consultative Council agreed 2 years ago:

70% Audition 17% Grades
6% State Test Scores (3 and 3% ELA/Math) 7% Attendance and Lateness (4% Attendance and 3% Lateness)

The staff agrees.
We will start with admissions in the next meeting so that we can be more transparent when auditions start.