SGO Election Fall 2021

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A special election will be held to fill a vacancy in the SGO Vice-President position and to elect the Freshmen Class of 2025 President.

Eligibility Requirements

A cumulative GPA of 80 or higher
No significant Dean’s record or violations of school policy or the Citywide Behavioral Expectations to Support Student Learning (Discipline Code)
Ability to attend student meetings on a regular basis.
If 3 or more people are running for the same position, a candidate must win 51% of the vote to be declared the winner.  In the event a candidate is not declared the winner, a run-off election will be held between the top two vote-getters.  In the run-off election, the candidate with the highest number of votes (simple majority) will be declared the winner.
A candidate may only run for one position.

SGO Vice Presidents -- All Students Vote in this Election

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Election Timeline


October 1, 2021; Deadline to submit application via LaGuardia Google Survey; must be submitted by 3:00 PM
October 4, 2021; Applicants Receive Notification of Permission to Campaign
October 5, 2021; Campaigning Begins
October 7, 2021; Ballot Available for Review Prior to Election.  (Please make sure your information is correct.)
October 9-12, 2021;  Voting Google Survey/Ballot Emailed - Candidate Statements Appear in Ballot
October 14 -1 8, 2021; Run-Off Elections; Ballots must be submitted by 3:00 PM.

Class of 2025 President -- Only Freshmen Vote for this Position

 Freshmen President Election Dates 

Attah, Beyonce

It’s your voice, Your choice. Vote for Beyonce Attah, for a great freshman year experience!

Chesky, Paloma

My name is Paloma Chesky, I'm a vocal major freshman. As class president I will try to ensure that everyone's voice is heard and I will try to establish a freshman council that will allow every freshman to vote on important decisions that will help our Freshman year at LAG be the best it can possibly be. I will reach out to local venues to showcase the LAG students amazing talents, which will bring more opportunities to share our work with our community. I will support the school on creating some COVID safe social events to raise funds to support the after school clubs. I am open to ideas and suggestions and I hope I can serve as your Freshman Class President.

Hinds, Tristan

Candidate did not provide a statement.

Jun, Silvia

Hey! My name is Silvia and I am a Freshman. I am really nervous to try for this role. I have never been able to be in this type of position! This year is very hectic since everyone is returning back from remote learning. I am very antisocial if you first meet me but when you get to know me I am very bright. For me personally, it was very hard to meet new people after being at home for more than a year. Everyone is trying their best to make the situation as normal as possible. Therefore, I will try to fulfill the duties of Freshman President and try to make my flaws into something new! Thank you :)

Lin, Connie

Hi, my name is Connie and I would like to your freshman president. To keep it short I like simple things done quick and fun. I would like to be able to come up with more student events for fundraising and shows (for instance allowing volunteers to host a carnival/ festival event outside which clubs and individuals can sign up. Adding on, more resources shall be provided to students (like food). I would also like to help the school become greener and healthier. No empty promises, just worth the trust

Malam, Hakimah

My Name is Hakimah Malam, and I’m running for Freshman SGO class president. As president I wanna make sure that Freshman have a great LaGuardia experience without having to deal with the thought that we are still in a pandemic. A problem that needs to be fixed is the lunch situation. We are privileged with the right to finally go outside for lunch, but what about the lunch provided by the school? The lunch at school is very cold and not enough for the time period. Another problem is the escalators, a bunch of people during periods are using them and they tend to break down a lot, which causes both problems with transitioning to classes. I hope you consider me as the right choice.

Miller, Zandi

Hi I’m Zandi Miller, a freshman drama major. As a SGO member my goal would be to create a safe environment for all freshman students and listening to any problems or concerns you may have, whether it be personal problems, Someone’s being insensitive or discriminatory towards you, or maybe you just wanna talk for funzies.. In the past I’ve had experiences in which I participated in student government. I've also worked with New York State senator from the 36th district Jamaal Bailey in the past helping my community. I am passionate about holding this position in office because I feel that I can help bring awareness to social justice issues that affect the school and more specifically affect the freshman art departments. I want all

Taylor, Adon

Hello, fellow LaGuardians! My name is Adon Taylor and I am running for Freshman Class President! I know, freshmen, this is extremely different for us so I’ll help you get used to this!I will make you feel comfortable in our own skin, no matter what color, race, gender, or even major we are. Trust me, you’ll love it here.Why, you might ask? Well...we'll have fun! We'll strive together to be the best version of ourselves out there! I’m here for you because that’s what I am all about. Feeling one with everyone, welcoming all.I got your back! This is only the beginning, let’s make it count. Trust me, we got this! Thank You. Have Fun Voting! :)

Vysnovsky, Simone

I am Simone Vysnovsky and I’m a vocal major major. I have experience with leadership and if elected I promise to make our freshman year amazing and memorable. I led many service projects and fundraisers in my time in NJHS and I won the Outstanding Achievement Award for my service to the community. I promise to listen and use your ideas to help improve our class of 2025. I will represent our voices and bring light to whatever needs attention. In this short time we’ve been here I feel like we can accomplish lots and I will help unify our class. We are a family and I would do everything in my power to make sure our voice is heard. Vote Simone for Class 2025.

Wan, John

I feel compelled to become the representative of freshmen because I believe that it will be a good opportunity to see and evaluate my values in terms of leadership and showing compassion and bringing this school to greater heights. I hope that if I do become the representative, I will still stand alongside my fellow classmates in the hopes of leading this school to a better future and I want to create new clubs and do new things that have never been done in this school before. I feel like being a freshmen allows me to be experimental with the way I do things because I want to try out new things and I want people to give me criticism or advice as to how