Fine Arts Studio

Fine Arts Audition

Portfolio Requirements have not been updated for the 2020 Audition process.  Below are the requirements for in person auditions.
A portfolio of original artwork in a variety of media is required. The artwork should be from observation, imagination, and memory.  The work should be labeled. No more than two photographs of three-dimensional (3D) works may be included.
The audition consists of three drawing assignments.  Each assignment lasts 20 minutes. The assignments are drawing the human figure from observation, drawing a still life from memory, and creating a drawing in color based on imagination. All drawing materials for auditions will be supplied by the school at the time of the audition.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions – Fine Arts

Q: How can I prepare to take the test?
A: Some applicants find it helpful to practice the drawing prompts in 20 minutes segments.  Here are some examples to help you prepare:
  • Set up a series of still life drawing problems: first, a single object such as a pair of eye glasses or a shoe; then use two objects, then three, and so on.
  • Work with crayons or Cray-Pas to illustrate street scenes, crowd scenes, and portraits.
Q: What does the portfolio tell the examiners?
A: The portfolio demonstrates ability, seriousness and depth of interest.
Q: Will I have an opportunity to discuss my portfolio?
A: No. Applicants will have their portfolios scored while they complete the live audition.
Q: What are the examiners looking for in the test?
A: The examiners look for creativity and the ability to draw from observation, compose a picture on the page, and use color in an effective way.
Q: What does the student bring to the test?
A: The portfolio, pencil, pen, and admission ticket. All drawing materials for the audition will be supplied by the school at the audition.
Q: What are the procedures in the test room?
A: Applicants are assigned to an art classroom where there are art tables and drawing materials. While students are working, there are examiners reviewing the portfolios in another location. All portfolios are returned to the applicant at the end of the exam.