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LaGuardia Arts 2021 - 2022 Ticket Policy

We are thrilled that a recent update to NYCDOE COVID-19 guidelines now allows LaGuardia students to return to the stage and perform live to in-person audiences, as well as streamed live! In 2021-2022.  We have a robust calendar of live performances that exceed the number of performances we had pre-COVID, and we look forward to sharing these performances with as many members of our community as possible.

Access to Live Streaming

To ensure that our students’ progress is accessible and celebrated, we will live stream each event. For productions that have multiple performance dates, we will live stream multiple performances if the performers are different (for example, if a play is double-casted with a different ensemble of students performing on different performance dates). Live streaming is available, free of charge, and free of restrictions, on our website at the time of the performance only. We invite all members of our community to join our live performances via live streaming.

Eligibility to Attend Live Performances

In order to be admitted into the building to attend a live performance, all audience members must

  • Wear a face covering

  • Complete the DOE Daily Health Screening questionnaire

  • Show proof of vaccination if age-eligible to receive the vaccine, OR proof the attendee is a New York City Department of Education public school student

Social Distancing and Capacity

In order to comply with NYCDOE social distancing requirements, audience members will be seated at least three (3) feet away from each other. Therefore, performance spaces will not be seated to capacity.

Tickets to Live Performances

One week prior to the performance, a limited number of in-person tickets are made available. Students, and families of students who are involved in the performance, are prioritized in accessing these tickets. 

  1. Production Team. All students who are involved in the performance, including actors, dancers, musicians, theatrical technicians, and designers, will receive two (2) tickets from the supervising teacher. When this is not possible due to the venue capacity, they will receive one (1) ticket. It is the responsibility of the student to provide the tickets to their family. The student involved in the production does not require a ticket. 

  2. Curricular Requirement. For performances that students are required to attend as part of a class, students will receive one (1) ticket from the classroom teacher.

  3. Lottery. All remaining available tickets will be entered into a lottery. 50% of the lottery will be reserved for students from the studio, 50% of the lottery will be reserved for students from remaining studios. Each winner of the lottery receives two (2) tickets.


Recognizing that many members of our community face financial hardship, we will not be charging an entrance fee. Families who are able, are welcome to contribute a donation to offset the cost of live performance and live streaming. We thank our partner at the Parent Association for their generous contributions to make live performances and live streaming possible.

Donations can be contributed at

LaGuardia Students can enter the Ticket Lottery Here

Lottery ticket winners receive an email stating tickets can only be picked up the day before and and the day of an event. Students must present their student ID card to pick up the tickets during one of the scheduled lunch periods.  Tickets will not be available to be picked up at the show or any time except a lunch period.  


The following Student Ticket Lotteries are now available:

Students can only access the Lottery link by using their account.

Event Enter Lottery Deadline to Enter Lottery

Senior Jazz/Symphonic Band 12/1; 7pm

Lottery Closed; Tickets recipients have been notified through their laguardiahs.or email. November 29, 2021; 12:00 PM


Student-Curated Art Show

 Student-Curated Art Show 

Drama Upcoming Events

 Drama Graphic 

Drama Scenes are classroom assignments and are not available for viewing by the general public.

The appropriate drama students will receive a specific link and password in order for their families to view the live stream.  

Once again, we encourage everyone to Donate  to Support Live Streaming.


Date Event
December 3, 2021 Senior One Acts (Lee Lobenhofer) 5pm
December 8, 2021 Senior One Acts (Jeff Stafford) 5pm
December 10, 2021 Junior Scenes (Rachel Evans) 8:45AM
December 15, 2021 Senior One Acts (Mala Tsantilas) 5pm
December 17, 2021 Junior Scenes (Naima Warden) 11am


 Winter Musical 21 Poster