Day of the Audition

Welcome to LaGuardia Arts!

LaGuardia Arts is located at 100 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan, 10023. We are located behind Lincoln Center at the SW corner of Amsterdam and 65th Street, across the street from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Campus.

Once the doors open, the lines move quickly. The following are tips that will make the process smooth for you, your child and LaGuardia staff.

Audition Tickets, Conflicts, and Make Up Dates

  • Students should adhere to the audition date and time printed on their Audition Ticket.  This will help ensure that all students are seen on the date of their audition.  Please do not show up on a different date or time. 
  • Brooklyn students who are taking the SHSAT had their audition rescheduled by the DOE to either December 7 or 8.  (This should appear on the audition ticket.)
  • Students should make sure they attend on the date listed on their Audition Ticket -- Students who cannot make their audition date should have their Guidance Counselor reschedule a makeup audition.  Rescheduling opens October 28.
  • Only school counselors will be able to submit make-up requests in MySchools, not parents/guardians, beginning October 28.  Guidance Counselors should follow the instructions provided by HS Admissions.  
  • Some applicants were scheduled on a date that does not correspond the the borough where their school is located due to limited capacity.  The date and time on your Audition Ticket is your correct date and time.

Review Program, Preparation, and Audition Requirements
Click to review each studio's program, preparation, and audition requirements.

Day of the Audition


  • Audition Ticket
  • Items Needed for Audition
  • Small Snack & Water
  • Parent/Guardian Cell Phone Number

Arriving at LaGuardia

LaGuardia Arts is located at 100 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan, 10023. We are located behind Lincoln Center at the SW corner of Amsterdam and 65th Street, across the street from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Campus.

The entrance is at 65th Street and Amsterdam Ave.
Families line up along side our building from the front entrance, down Amsterdam, and follows the building along 64th Street.

What To Expect When You Arrive

Once the doors open at 7:30 AM, the lines move quickly. The following are tips that will make the process smoother for you, your child and LaGuardia Arts staff.​​​​​​​

The Audition Tickets will be checked for the correct date before families enter the building. 

The student should have their audition ticket in hand, as well as anything that is needed for the audition (portfolio, diorama, water, instrument, etc.).

Upon entering, students will be directed into our Little Flower Theater, while families are directed up the escalators to our 5th Floor Cafeteria. This is the designated waiting/reunion area for families and students. Families do not need to stay at LaGuardia Arts and may also choose to leave and re-enter at any time.  Families and students are separated almost immediately upon arriving inside the building.  Please expect this and have discussed all plans beforehand. 

Waiting Area for Families

The LaGuardia Arts Parent Association will be selling light snacks, hot/cold beverages, and other refreshments in the 5th Floor cafeteria for those who decide to wait for their child.  LaGuardia Arts parents are on hand to answer questions.

Family members are not permitted in the audition rooms with their child. A child’s audition may be invalidated if any family member is found in any area other than the designated waiting area.

Students may only take a maximum of two (2) auditions per day.

After October 28, 2019, work with your Guidance Counselors to register for additional auditions on the Make Up Dates of December 7 & 8, 2019.  If Dance or Fine Arts is one of the multiple studios you are auditioning for, you will audition for these studios on your first ticketed date, not on the makeup dates.  

Delivering Items to Applicants During the Audition 

Once students enter the building and are separated from their families, they are sent to various floors throughout our building.  Please ensure that your child has all items needed prior to your child beginning the audition process. Students are supervised by LaGuardia staff and students throughout the process, but it is difficult for us to deliver items to them once they are engaged in the audition process.

How Long Is the Audition Process?

Generally, students who audition for one (1) studio can expect the audition process to last up to 4 hours. Students auditioning for two (2) studios can expect the process to last up to 8 hours.  Students may meet their families in the 5th Floor Cafeteria after the first audition for a break before beginning the second audition. ​​​​​​​ 

Picking Up Your Child / Cell Phone Policy

Our designated reunion area is the 5th Floor Cafeteria. At the end of a student’s audition(s) the student will be directed to meet you there unless you have made a different arrangement with your child. 

Please make arrangements with your child as to where to meet or how to contact one another when the auditions are over. Your child should have your cell phone number. There will be a phone in the cafeteria that students can use to call you. Students are permitted to have a cell phone with them for the purpose of contacting you at the conclusion of the audition, but the cell phone must be turned off before they enter the audition and must remain off until their auditions are finished. A violation of this policy may invalidate their audition. If emergency contact is necessary, then the parent/child can notify a school official or safety agent to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are students admitted solely on the basis of their audition?
No.  The audition is the primary criterion, and student academic records must demonstrate evidence of satisfactory achievement.
How will I know if I have been accepted to LaGuardia Arts?
In March, all students receive notification of high school offers city-wide on a date established by the DOE.  Individual high school do not communicate admission status.
What happens if a student is accepted into more than one studio major?
Students must choose one; there are no dual majors.
Are students allowed to change studio majors?
Yes, 9th grade students are allowed to change studio major. However, acceptance into a different studio requires passing another audition for that studio, provided there are seats available.
Whom may I contact if there’s a question about the audition process?
First, please review our website.  Nearly all questions can be answered here.  Second, you may email Please expect 72 hours for a response.

Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts
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