COVID: 2 Technical information/Logistics

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Technical Issues

The DOE IT Help Desk is available if families need support with remote learning: Help Desk 718-935-5100, option 5. Hours of Operation: Monday through Saturday, 6:00am - 9:00pm.  For Google Accounts, PupilPath, and Naviance help, please email


Devices, including iPads and Computers

Last Spring, the DOE distributed iPads to families to support remote. This school year, LaGuardia Arts is managing this process for our students. We can consider the needs of individual families and provide them with the type of device that would be most helpful.  We would like every LaGuardia student to have their own internet-enabled device for learning. Please request a device if you do not have your own or you are sharing one. The sooner the Remote Learning Device Request is completed, the sooner we can help.

Remote Classwork

LaGuardia Arts selected Google Classroom as our Remote Learning platform.  Teachers will email students the code to join the specific Google Classroom once schedules are released.  To access Google Classroom, log into your Google-based account.  Click on the "waffle" or "tick-tack-toe" square next to your profile.  A drop down menu of available Google applications will appear.  Select Google Classroom.  Select 'join a class' and enter the code provided by the teacher.


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