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Updated Information: March 16, 2021

March 16, 2021


Dear LaGuardia Arts Community,


Over the last few days several announcements were made by the DOE regarding the Spring 2021 semester. Thank you to our community members who have asked clarifying questions to help us compose this important review of current logistics for the LaGuardia community.


This document is divided into three sections:


  1. Information Regarding the Current School Year
  2. Planning for the 2021-2022 School Year

  3. Information Specific to the Class of 2021

Information Regarding the Current School Year


In-Person Learning Resumes March 22, 2021, for High School Blended Learning Students

High school buildings will reopen to students on March 22.  In-person learning is only for families who selected Blended Learning during the selection periods in the fall.  As we have shared since the summer, our schedule of classes at LaGuardia was designed to minimize change and disruption should our building close/reopen at any time for any reason. When we return to blended instruction on the 22nd, all students will follow the same schedule they started in the Spring semester engaging in meaningful learning with their teachers and peers.


Switching From Blended Learning to Remote Learning

DOE policy does not permit families to switch from Remote Learning to Blended Learning at this time; however, a family may switch from Blended Learning to Remote Learning at any time by completing the Learning Preference Survey.  We understand that at this time, there are families who would like to move from Remote Learning to Blended Learning for a variety of reasons. Should anything change in the DOE policy, we will immediately share with our community.

Daily Health Screening and Travel Advisories

Low Risk GuidelinesStudents and faculty/staff will continue to complete the Daily Health Screening each day prior to entering the building. The health screening reflects updated New York State strict quarantine requirements for visitors and returning New Yorkers.  Please visit the Interim Guidance for Quarantine Restrictions on Travelers Arriving in New York State Following Out of State Travel (Dated March 10, 2021) or the NYS Travel Advisory.  Please be mindful about the most updated guidance about quarantine requirements should travel be unavoidable, especially during Spring Break.


Staying Home When Sick, Quarantined, or in Isolation

Out of an abundance of caution for your health and safety and the health and safety of our community, please stay home when you are sick or have other reasons to be quarantined or in isolation. Whether or not you test positive for COVID-19, you must follow health and safety guidelines and stay home to protect yourself and others. Students who stay home following this policy will not be automatically switched to 100% Remote Learning.  Please notify your in-person teacher as soon as you know you are unable to attend due to health and safety guidelines.  This will assist us in record keeping and monitoring the wellness of the building. Should you test positive for COVID-19 please notify Principal Yeou-Jey Vasconcelos (, Assistant Principal of Safety and Security Greg Brummell (, and Assistant Principal of Organization Justin W. Mackey ( immediately with your official test results so the DOE can work with the NYC Department of Health as soon as possible to protect our community.


Building Safety and Health Protocols

All previous building safety and health protocols, including, but not limited, to standard social distancing requirements and additional activity-specific distancing, appropriate face coverings and additional activity-specific PPE, unidirectional movement, restricted access to spaces, no eating, etc. continue to be in effect.


Consent for COVID-19 Testing

The DOE health and safety protocols have changed so that 20% of students and staff are randomly tested weekly for COVID-19.  At this time, all families, regardless of vaccination or prior infection status, must give consent in order to participate in Blended Learning.  Students will not be allowed into the building unless their families have consented to this testing.  Blended Learning families who do not complete the consent to COVID-19 testing will be switched by the DOE to 100% Remote Learning.  


The DOE encourages all Blended Learning families to log into their NYC Schools Account and click on Manage Consent >> Health Forms to make sure they have given/updated their consent.   If you need assistance adding your student to your account, please view this information.  If you need an access code to create your NYC Schools account, please contact Parent Coordinator Ms. Price ( If you are unable to complete the form digitally, please print the Consent Form and have the student submit the signed form upon entering the building.


COVID-19 Vaccinations Status

Some students and faculty/staff are fortunate to have received one of the approved COVID-19 vaccines. students who have been vaccinated still must provide Consent for COVID-19 Testing or be automatically switched by the DOE to Remote Learning. Regardless of their vaccination status, faculty/staff who are on medical accommodations due to risk of severe illness from COVID-19 infection have these accommodations in place, protected by federal law through the end of the school year.


Student Spring MetroCards

Students who are in Blended Learning will receive their new MetroCards for the Spring semester on their first day of In-Person Learning.  Please do not use the Fall MetroCards as they have expired.  Students who are in Remote Learning do not receive MetroCards.


Amount of In-Person Instruction

The Chancellor has mentioned that a priority is for students to attend as much in-person learning as possible within safety and health restrictions, and this is a priority for LaGuardia, as well.  At this time, there has been no increase in the amount of LaGuardia spaces approved for use, number of faculty/staff, or other changes in logistics that would allow more students to enter LaGuardia more often. If and when anything changes that can enable us to add more days per student, we will share with the community.


Our Custodial Team in partnership with the School Construction Authority has been working without pause during the building closure to maintain the integrity of the building, continue to make routine repairs, and to upgrade our facilities. Our ventilation system now utilizes MERV 13 filters, and new air purifiers are being added to every room this week. Bathroom and Concert Hall renovations are ongoing, and basement renovations are in progress. 


Food and Nutrition Service Meals for All Students

The DOE offers free breakfast, lunch, and afterschool meals to all students. Eating is not permitted in the LaGuardia building.  For in-person students, grab-and-go breakfast is available at the entrance and lunch available at the exit.  Students should take their meals and exit the building, then eat outside.


On remote learning days, students or their parents/guardians may pick up meals from any school location that is most convenient for your family. Take-Out meals are available on school days only, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM. 


From 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday (holidays excluded), New Yorkers of all ages can pick up free meals at 260 Community Meals sites across the city. For a list of sites, please visit


Planning for the 2021-2022 School Year

Some families have asked when decisions about reopening next school year are being made. No LaGuardia-specific decisions can be discussed or made until guidance and parameters are provided by the DOE in conjunction with the Department of Health. Families, students, and staff will have opportunities to provide input in the planning process stages for next year.  We ask that you are patient with offering your opinions until we are ready to begin the planning process. We also ask that you keep in mind that most decisions, such as the decision this year to offer Blended Learning and what spaces are permissible for use, are not made at the school level.


We are thankful that many in our community understand the complexity and demands of running an organization such as LaGuardia Arts serving thousands of families with diverse needs.  Also, it is appreciated that many have an understanding of how the Department of Education makes decisions and disseminates information.  It is for these reasons that we are not developing plans for multiple scenarios depending on what may happen in the future.  Our experience is that DOE guidance is so specific that we would have to begin anew no matter how many scenarios we create.


Multiple opportunities to hear from stakeholders will occur when it is beneficial to the planning process.


Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) Goal Planning for 2021-2022

Please also remember the School Leadership Team (SLT) at all schools is the entity that represents all stakeholders and works to develop the goals for each school year. The SLT follows research-based educational practices to review data and examine a diversity of perspectives that may or may not be the experience of those on the SLT. This is the charge of all SLTs city-wide to ensure that equity and access is the core of our community, and all students, especially our most vulnerable students, have opportunities to succeed with resources that those more privileged have. Our goals and action plans help develop the CEP. If you have input regarding goals for next year, we encourage you to contact your SLT representatives.


The SLT uses data in the decision-making process.  LaGuardia and the DOE have sent out several formal surveys at different times this year to all stakeholder groups, and it is important that you complete the surveys for your voice to be represented. Due to the amount and quality of the data on hand, the SLT has determined that at this time a survey will not be administered to collect additional midterm data.

Information Specific to the Class of 2021

Graduating from Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts is an accomplishment that is both significant and to be celebrated. Some guidance has been given to all high schools regarding the end of the school year.  We are also providing information on how this guidance affects us at LaGuardia.



The yearbook staff has done an amazing job creating a book that will memorialize this most-unusual of Senior years.  To ensure that all members of the Class of 2021 will have a copy of the Yearbook, LaGuardia will completely cover the cost of printing the yearbook as well as shipping and handling. Instructions on receiving your Yearbook will be forthcoming. To ensure that all members of the Class of 2021 can participate in the rite-of-passage of signing Yearbooks, a digital yearbook signing option will be available.


Cap and Gown

Each student who wishes to purchase a cap and gown may do so individually. Our vendor, Smooth Sportswear, will handle the ordering and will ship to the address of your choosing at the beginning of June.  The deadline to order is April 15, 2021.  The price is $26 with $9.99 delivery for a total of $35.99.  Order Cap and Gown Here  Families who would like a cap and gown and are unable to afford the cost should email Ms. Javier at for financial assistance.


Prom (In-Person)

Proms involve eating and drinking, which require removal of face coverings, and dancing, which can potentially promote COVID-19 transmission.  As a result, in-person proms, both indoor and outdoor, are not permitted by the DOE at this time.


While there will not be a prom hosted by LaGuardia this year, the Parents Association is planning a series of Senior Dance nights to create opportunities for Seniors to get together.  The Parents Association will provide more information about their event.


Graduation Ceremony (In-Person)

Indoor graduations are not permitted at this time. Outdoor graduations are permissible only if they adhere, at a minimum, to the Low Risk Guidelines as well as the DOE COVID-19 School Health Policy.  All individuals must adhere to the 6’ minimum social distancing.  Guests, if allowed, would be limited to a maximum of two.

Due to our large graduating class (larger than the size of the entire student population at many other schools), we are exploring the possibility of holding multiple smaller graduations, grouped by arts studio. If holding in-person graduation ceremonies is deemed not feasible, then LaGuardia has the option of holding a virtual ceremony.


Traditionally, the cost of producing graduation and seven different awards ceremonies has been included in Senior Dues and split evenly among the members of the Senior Class.  Since Senior Dues were not collected this year, the cost of in person graduation would be split among participants.  Consideration must be given to cost as many families have been financially affected by the pandemic.  LaGuardia has never had an outdoor graduation, so there are no records for planning an off-site, outdoor graduation event with no infrastructure. If you have suggestions for possible venues, please email Assistant Principal of Engagement Dr. Mark Stricklin-Witherspoon at


Staying Up To Date With Senior Activities

One lesson learned from last year’s Senior Class is that students must check their PupilPath email and follow all required deadlines. Additionally, please refer to official communication from the school regarding activities to minimize confusion and misinformation.


Stay safe.



Yeou-Jey Vasconcelos


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