Clubs and Organizations

Information About Clubs

All LaGuardia Arts Clubs are open to all students.   Read our Non-Discrimination Policy.  To join a club, all a student needs to do is attend the meeting.  Some clubs do have requirements to join, such as GPA or community service completion.  

All clubs must apply for permission to join every year.  Clubs are authorized by Chancellor's Regulations.  Clubs must have a teacher for an advisor.  The advisor must confirm the club's meeting time and location.  Clubs must be approved by the SGO.

An advisor must be in the room whenever the club meets.  A teacher may supervise more than one club in the same location.

Clubs forming for the 2020 - 2021 school year must follow all safety and social distancing requirements established by the DOE and LaGuardia Arts.  Clubs meeting using an electronic platform, such as Zoom or Google Meets, must have an advisor in attendance throughout the entire meeting and be a Host of the meeting.


Club News

  • Applications to form a club are available once school begins.  
  • Please check here for the Application Link the beginning of September.
  • A Virtual Club Fair or recruiting event will take place this year.
  • There will be no in-person Club Fair due to social distancing requirements.


To join most clubs, all a student needs to do is show up, so we encourage students to become involved in clubs that they are interested in. Clubs are student-run activities, and the role of the faculty advisor varies from very involved to general supervision.

As clubs begin, it is usual for days, rooms, and advisors to shift. This list will be updated as the information becomes available. If a student is having difficulty finding the club, try emailing the advisor using their Google email. Any updated information should be emailed to Dr. Stricklin at

All clubs are reminded that:

· Posters bus be approved before being distributed.
· Posters can only be place on the appropriate bulletin boards in the escalators, in teacher classrooms with permission, or the wall outside the entrance to both Dining Halls.
· Posters cannot be place in stairwells, walls, unless they are on a bulletin board.
· Only posters placed in the appropriate location and approved by Dr. Stricklin-Witherspoon are allowed to remain up.

La! By-Laws for Clubs

La! encourages students to join or form clubs that reflect the diverse nature of our students. Generally, clubs are formed at the beginning of the school year; however, clubs may be formed throughout the entire school year.

The first step is to discuss your proposed club with Dr. Stricklin-Witherspoon and whether or not the application will be allowed to proceed. Once the application is complete, the club request must b approved by Student Government, which meets once a month. If approved by SGO, the final step is to receive approval by the Administrative Cabinet.

In order to be approved, the club must have:

  • a LaGuardia Advisor who is a licensed pedagogue
  • completed application
  • location to meet
  • established bylaws
  • must be inclusive
  • the club cannot be disruptive to the educational process.

If at any point after approval, the club no longer meets the criteria, the club ceases to exist. The club may reapply once all of the above are met.

Clubs must meet, minimally, once a month, and sign in sheets are required for continued approval. Club advisors should maintain copies of sign in sheets.