Audition Process -- Remote Audition

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Audition Process and Timeline for 2022 - 2023 School Year

DOE UPDATE (January 27, 20220)

For every audition program listed on their application, applicants will be required to submit materials/videos via the additional materials page on their MySchools dashboard. This dashboard will open in the parent portal the first week of February, and in the school portal the second week of February. 


The following is general information and is not meant to supersede information provided by the DOE.


  • Eligible Students: 
    • 8th grade and first-time 9th grade students
    • Students must be residents of NYC at the time of the audition.



  • Students must meet the academic requirement.  Students not meeting this requirement will not have their audition reviewed.  LaGuardia Arts does not make this determination.

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The audition process has been adjusted due to COVID-19 safety concerns.  We are committed to providing an equitable, safe process.  Students will upload their auditions. 

Arts and audition-based schools use common audition requirements for the same program.  

Auditions for each program are submitted in the portal.  Schools can only accept auditions submitted through the portal.


Information for Non-NYCDOE Students, including Families Moving Into NYC

TIP: If you are from a NYCDOE public school, then your current Guidance Counselor can issue you the account, as well as assist you through the process.


Families who are residents from NYC but are not attending a NYCDOE public school -- or if you are planning on moving to NYC and are intending to audition -- this information is for you:


Have you been issued a account?  Whether the DOE Family Welcome Center or current school guidance counselor helps you, the portal/account is both where you will register for a LaGuardia audition, make all high school enrollment decisions, and upload any audition materials to this site.

If you are from a NYC non-public school, then you would need to message or speak to a person at a DOE Family Welcome Center to assist you with a account and through the process.


Each individual public high school has no role in the high school process EXCEPT reviewing candidate that are applying/auditioning.  Everything is done at the current school or Family Welcome Center.


Here are some admissions resources:


High School Information

Family Welcome Centers

High School Auditions. (Note, the site says the process is not open; however, it opened yesterday.) Programs use a common audition, so that an audition can be submitted to multiple schools with the same program.