Audition Process -- Remote Auditions

Assistance with Submitting Your Audition or Questions About the Common Audition Components

LaGuardia Arts and other audition-based high schools do not have access to applicant’s accounts.  This is all handled through the DOE. 

If you are having trouble with uploading your audition or questions about the process, here are the best resource to assist families:  

LaGuardia, just like other audition-based high schools, uses the common audition components for the virtual audition.  All questions regarding the actual audition should be addressed to the contacts listed above.  Thank you.


(REVISED January 22, 2021)

The audition process for Fall 2020 Auditions has been adjusted due to COVID-19 safety concerns.  We are committed to providing an equitable, safe process.  Students will now submit their audition online. 

**NEW:  Arts and audition-based schools use common audition requirements for the same program.  Students will only need to create their audition one time and may submit it to multiple programs. Please Note:  LaGuardia HS does not count towards your allotment of high school programs.    We have listed NYCDOE schools with similar programs.

**NEW: (1/13/21).

Private school staff and students without access to DOE Office 365 or TeachHub (including charter schools and parochial schools): will submit auditions online for most programs to the following email address-

Resources for families: 

  • Instructions for families to submit students’ audition is in your SharePoint resource folder
  • The Office of Arts and Special Projects has prepared audition preparation videos that dive into the common audition components and provide tips for how students can present their best work. 
  • As part of the common audition components, the Office of Arts and Special Projects worked with high school arts teachers to develop the following resources (also imbedded in the High School Auditions webpage and the Virtual Audition Submission Tool):   

The audition process for 2020-2021 Auditions have been be adjusted due to COVID-19 safety concerns.  We are committed to providing an equitable, safe process.  The adjusted process will have students submit their audition online.  Applicants will not come to LaGuardia Arts for their audition.    The process will be announced once finalized.

The information below that pertains to Specialized High Schools, including LaGuardia Arts, is currently posted on the DOE Specialized High School Web Pages.

Registration for Specialized High Schools admissions will open on December 21, and the deadline to register for the Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT) is January 15, 2021.  The deadline to register for an audition at LaGuardia Arts is February 23, 2021.

  • Create your MySchools account (Open external link)so you'll be ready to register to test or audition. Need help? Watch the "How to Create Your MySchools Account" video in the playlist above or talk to your school counselor. If your child attends a private or parochial school or is currently homeschooled, contact a Family Welcome Center
  • When registration opens, you will be able to log in to MySchools and
    • Register to take the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT). Taking this test is how you apply to any/all of the eight testing Specialized High Schools. When you register, you will also list which of these schools you'd wish to attend, in your order of preference. Students will begin testing in late January, and DOE public school students will take the SHSAT at their current middle school.
    • Register to audition for programs at the one audition Specialized High School, Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. Auditioning is how you apply to any/all of LaGuardia's six arts programs. 


** New (January 22, 2021)

Rubrics:  Components that students will be assessed on are located at the bottom of each Program/Studio's section, below.

Selection Process

Applicants are required to pass competitive examinations.  All applicants must demonstrate evidence of satisfactory achievement based on 6th and 7th grade records .  Academic Achievement is evaluated by the Office of Enrollment, not LaGuardia Arts High School. If you believe there is an error in your records, work with your guidance counselor to contact the Office of Enrollment. For this current audition period, the following data is being used:

  • 6th Grade:  75 or higher average in final course grades in the 4 CORE academic subjects
  • 7th Grade:  75 or higher average in marking period course grades prior to COVID-19 in the 4 CORE academic subjects

Please Note:  Attendance and standardized test scores are not used in determining academic achievement.

Then, candidates will be extended offers in the order of their audition score. For example, those who score 100% on the audition will receive offers first, followed by those who scored 99%.  This process is followed until all seats for a specific program are filled.


Submission Guidelines


  • Each file you submit can be no greater than 1GB in size.
  • Electronic documents and images (written work, photographs, paintings and drawings) can be in Word, PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, or TIFF format.
  • Digital recordings can be in AVI, MP2, MP4, or MOV formats.
  • The quality of video recording, space, equipment, and editing will not be scored. Students will not be judged on the quality of the material available to them to complete their audition. Students are not expected to use professional recording equipment or professional editing software to complete their submission. Recordings and photographs taken on any electronic device (examples: cell phone, computer, iPad, camera) are acceptable.
  • If you have any questions about how to create and submit your audition file, please discuss them with your current school counselor.

Different types of audition programs have different audition requirements. You may need to use this form more than once to submit auditions to each type of program. For example:

  • If you are applying to dance and music programs, you will submit this form twice: once for dance and once for music.
  • If you are applying to the dance programs at Fordham High School for the Arts and LaGuardia High School, you only need to submit this form once with your dance audition files. In this example, you are submitting one type of audition file to multiple programs.
  • If you are applying for instrumental music programs and wish to audition on more than one instrument, you will submit this form once for each instrument.

High school staff will review and evaluate the audition files you submit. After you submit your audition files, schools may contact you for additional information or for a virtual “call back.” If you do not hear from a school about a "call back," that's okay! Not all audition programs will contact applicants. A “call back” only means the school needs additional information.   They can finish evaluating your audition once they have the information. You will not receive a call back If a school can finish evaluating your audition based entirely on the files you submit. Not all students who get a "call back" will receive an offer to any program.  Not all students who receive an offer to a program will get a "call back." High school staff will rank students based on their evaluation of each student's audition. The Office of Student Enrollment then makes offers in rank number order to students who listed those audition programs on their high school application in MySchools, until all seats are filled.

If you have any questions, please ask your current school counselor.