Audition Process


The audition process for Fall 2020 Auditions will be adjusted due to COVID-19 safety concerns.  We are committed to providing an equitable, safe process.  The adjusted process will have students submit their audition online.  Applicants will not come to LaGuardia Arts for their audition.  The audition will be a modified version of our regular process.  The process will be announced once finalized.

Students may prepare for the audition before the final process is announced.  The adjusted process will include parts of our regular process.  Students should read the Audition Preparation section for each studio.  Some testing items will be eliminated for the Adjusted Audition Process.

Families uses MySchools ( to register to audition for one or more of the studios.  The student’s current school counselor may also register students in mid-October.  Once registered, families will receive an Audition Ticket through the online system or from their current school counselor. The Audition Ticket will show the audition date, time, and location.  The student’s current school counselor can assist with any issues.

Generally, students who audition for one studio can expect the audition process to last up to 4 hours.  Students auditioning for two studios can expect the process to last up to 8 hours.  Only two auditions per day are allowed.  Students auditioning for three or more studios will register for the remaining studios via their guidance counselor.