Attendance Policy and Procedures

Attendance FAQ

What do I do if my child is absent from school?

  •  La! Is required to have a note on file from the parent. The student Upon returning to school:
    • Brings a note from home that contains Student’s Name, Date of Absence, Reason, Parent/Guardian’s Signature
    • Attaches it to the Absence Form
    • Has each teacher sign the form
    • Returns the form and the note to Room 201

What do I do if my child attended school but was marked absent in error for the day?

  • Use the Marked Absent in Error Form
  • Every teacher must sign the form.
  • Return the completed form to Room 201

What do I do if my child was marked absent (or late) in error for 1 or more periods?

  • Use the Cut Correction Form.
  • Only the teachers who marked the student absent in error must sign the form
  • Return form to Room 201

How does the school determine whether my child was present or absent for the school day?

  • Daily attendance is taken Period 3.  


  • Students are to arrive on time and to be seated and ready to work at the start of each class class.
  • Students who arrive after the beginning of the class are marked late. If you are late to school and miss class, you are marked absent from those classes.
  • If you arrive late to school but prior to the beginning of period 3, go directly to your class.
  • If you arrive after the start of period 3, you must sign the “Late-to-School Book” in Room 201.
  • Forms: Visit the Attendance Forms page or go to room 201:
    • Blue Card – Emergency Contact Card This card must be returned in-person by the parent/guardian. In an emergency, students can only be released to an adult who is listed on the Blue Card.
    • Absence Form – Used for absences and requires a note from parent/guardian or doctor.
    • Biographical Data Change Form – Update student personal information, including name, address, and phone numbers
    • Competition/Special Event Form – Verification of competition or special event
    • Cut Correction Form – To correct errors of single period absences, student completes form and gives to teacher.
    • Marked Absent in Error Form – This form is used only if a student was marked absent for the day but was present in school.
    • Verification of College Audition, Visit, or Tour – Verifies participation in college audition, visit, or tour.

Attendance Policy

  • Regular attendance, which is mandated by State law and local directives, is crucial to the success of a productive learning community; therefore, it is a matter of great importance to the staff and administration at LaGuardia Arts. Our expectation is for every student to come to school each and every day. There are times, however, when a student may have to be absent due to illness or emergencies at home. These are excused absences. Following an absence, students must do the following:
    • Bring a note from a parent/guardian, doctor, or court stating the reason for the absence.
    • Complete a “Student Absence Form,” which is available in Room 201.
    • Ask each assigned subject teacher to sign the completed form.
    • Return the form, with the absence note attached, to the Attendance Office in Room 201, where it will be recorded and filed.
  • Students who are absent from class will not be excused from any of the classwork, homework, or tests that they may miss. To avoid falling behind, students must always make up missed work as soon as possible. Please be aware that excessive absences, even for a valid reason, might result in a lower grade simply because of lost instructional time.
  • If a student is going to be absent for an extended period of time due to illness, the parent should notify the guidance counselor and the Attendance Office immediately to avoid a home visit from the truancy teacher.
  • Students returning from an extended absence must bring a doctor’s note to the attendance office.
  • Absences due to family vacations and performances/tours/training that are outside of school are not excused absences. Teachers might be unable to give students makeup work comparable to what the student missed, so parents should seriously weigh the consequences of the student missing class and avoid unexcused absences.
    • To reach out to the parents, the Attendance Office does the following:
      • They call the parents of absent students.
      • They mail home letters once a week, informing the parents about their child’s absences and lateness.
      • Students who approach the 90% Attendance Limit will face one or all of the following steps:
      • Our attendance outreach teachers make phone calls to student homes and the calls will be registered in the official Student Intervention Screen on the DOE attendance system.
    • The counselor will have a conference with the student. The counselor might request that the student fill out a Daily Progress Sheet.
    • Parents or guardians may be asked to come to school to discuss their child’s absences with the Assistant Principal of Technology in charge of attendance or the guidance counselor.
    • The Department of Education automatically classifies a student who is absent for ten consecutive days or a total of twenty non-consecutive days as a truant.
    • When a student becomes a truant, a truancy teacher will visit the student’s home, and a mandated meeting with the student’s counselor will be established. The counselor will work with the student to solve any concerns the student might have had that made him or her a truant. A plan will be implemented to reintegrate the student into our school or to find a more appropriate school or program for the youngster.
    • The school will acknowledge a record of excellence in attendance through incentive awards. Bulletin boards will be used to celebrate excellent attendance. LaGuardia Arts will also apply for Local, Regional and DOE attendance awards on behalf of our students.
    • Letters of recognition for students with perfect attendance will be distributed at the end of the semester and placed in the student’s file. Perfect attendance will be acknowledged in the student’s letter of recommendation for college as part of the application process.


  • The student who comes to school late misses valuable instruction, and his or her arrival interrupts the continuity of instruction for the rest of the class. Punctuality is a prerequisite for success in school (as well as in business). Students are expected to arrive at school on time, to be seated, and to be ready for work for their first class. Although we are aware that some of our young people travel long distances, it is our hope that students and parents will work together to ensure that students arrive to school on time.
  • Students who arrive to school after the beginning of their first class are recorded late by the ID scanning machine. This machine makes a special sound when the students come late to school. A dean will be stationed in the lobby, greeting students and monitoring lateness by speaking to students informally if they are late. If the student arrives after 10am, when the scanning machines are not in the lobby, the student needs to report immediately to the Attendance Office (Room 201) to have his or her attendance taken for the day.
  • The following procedures are followed when a student is late:
    • Every student who arrives late has to sign the lateness book in that classroom.
    • Teachers will contact the parent if a student is late to a class repeatedly.
    • The Attendance Office will mail letters home alerting parents whose children were late to school two or more times during a single week.
    • If the student is excessively late, the following steps might be taken:
    • The student will receive a letter home.
    • The student will be referred to their counselor and possibly have to sign in with the counselor every day.
    • The student will be referred to the Dean’s Office for detention.
    • The parent or guardian will be asked to come to school for a conference.
    • The counselor, the parents, the assistant principal in charge of attendance, and the student will work together to shorten the student’s program to allow for a later starting time.
    • Excessive lateness may result in denial of the right to participate in extracurricular activities and honor societies.


  • Students are expected to attend each and every class listed on their Program Card, including lunch. Cutting class is considered a serious infraction of the school rules. Attendance is taken in each class as well as at the start of the school day.
  • The Attendance Office will contact the parent if the teachers are referring the student for cutting too many classes.
  • If the behavior continues, a referral to the counselor or the Deans’ Office will be made.
  • Parents or guardians may be asked to come to school to discuss their child’s attendance.
  • Cutting may result in denial of the right to participate in extracurricular activities and honor societies.


  • If a student is marked absent in error, students should go to Room 201 to have the attendance corrected. If you have questions regarding your child’s attendance or the school’s outreach, please call 212-496- 0700 ext. 4204 between the hours 9am and 1pm.
  • If you have specific issues concerning your child’s attendance, you should contact your child’s guidance counselor.